Strategic Land

Strategic Land Planning is highly speculative and carries high risk but on the other hand a successful outcome will be very profitable.

There are various Government initiatives in the pipeline to open up the planning process and many local authorities are struggling to meet their five year and longer term land supply for new housing providing opportunities for Land Owners and Promoters alike.

We have a successful track record in this type of investment whether in industrial land, contaminated sites, brownfield sites or farmland, working with private landowners and Companies with surplus land.

We are flexible regarding deal structure and usually work on a Joint Venture funding basis where you retain ownership of the land and we fund the planning process at our risk but share the proceeds of a successful outcome. Alternatively we can provide an unconditional purchase or a combination of both.

We are also keen to work with developers looking to acquiring land and also Promoters who have purchased an option but due to a change in circumstances no longer have funds for planning and are close to the option expiring. By funding the planning process we are able to protect your investment by entering into a profit share.

Approaches from land agents and brokers are welcomed and introductions are rewarded.

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