Agricultural Finance

Are you an agricultural land owner looking to raise finance for working capital or business acquisition?

We have a fund specialising in providing short term finance up to 18 months secured against agricultural land and buildings. Capital is available for many purposes including:

  • Extending and refurbishment of farm houses
  • Barn conversions and/or converting out buildings into residential or commercial premises
  • Funds for obtaining planning prior to building or sale to a developer
  • Capital for business expansion or diversification until there is a revenue stream to service a bank loan
  • Payment of unexpected bills such as HMRC or simply providing some breathing space
  • Buying another property or additional land prior to arranging a mainstream mortgage

You will need to have a loan repayment plan in place and is usually via the sale of an asset, refinancing with a long term mortgage, business loan or lease or any other identifiable source of income.

We have access to 5 year loan facilities through an alternative market if business accounts can provide evidence of financial performance sufficient to service the loan and repay the capital through the loan period.

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